About Us

SalusJoy are a company focused on holistic wellbeing with an initial emphasis on dance. The aim is to encourage physical and mental wellbeing through dance, building new skills, communities and social opportunities.

SalusJoy’s service offering centres around a mobile application which allows users to source a range of physical and mental wellbeing activities (initially dance related). Users can then arrange to organise / schedule / sign up to events, workshops, classes and recreational breaks in their local area or across the UK.

For the enterprise, this application can be integrated into their corporate reward scheme, whereby a credit-based system is used to assign credit (rewards) to employees, enabling them to choose and sign up for an activity in their own time and according to their own personal interests.

The purpose of this service offering is to create happier and healthier employees who are committed to the company and are more productive as a result.  The new found ethos also encourages high performing employees to be attracted and retained by the company.